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BOSU Balance Trainer


 How To Get Back in Shape with BOSU Exercises for Balance Training, Core Stability and Cardio Conditioing

The BOSU Balance Trainer or BOSU Ball* can be an excellent addition to your home gym.  It is fun like a toy; but actually, it is a versatile and sturdy piece of exercise equipment.  A BOSU is great for Balance Training. You can also use a BOSU ball for:

Core Stability Training
Muscle Strengthening
Cardio Conditioning
Interval Exercise Training

Bosu Ball Exercise Videos 

The following three videos show how you can get back in shape with BOSU Exercises.  The first video is a good example of how you can combine balance training with core stability training, in functional positions, to get the most benefit from your exercise program. 

Core Stability and Balance Exercises

Notice how these BOSU exercises pull in the oblique abdominal muscles while engaging the full body.

The next Bosu Ball Exercise Video gives you a good idea of the multitude of muscular adjustments your body makes while strengthening large core muscle groups.  These types of balance exercises are excellent for coordinating both sides of the brain and tuning up your nervous system.

Resistance Training with BOSU Balance Training

Combine Resistance Training with BOSU Balance Control.

The third BOSU exercise video gives a quick sample of a way to get a good cardio workout.  Just make sure that you have the balance and agility required to avoid injury.  Be extra careful as you begin to fatigue, because the BOSU adds a whole new dimension to your exercise program.  As always, check with your healthcare provider before attempting to use a BOSU, to make sure its use is appropriate for you.

BOSU Cardio Training


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Get Back in Shape - Get On It!: BOSU Balance Trainer Workouts for Core Strength and a Super Toned Body

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Add a 6 lb Durable Rubber Medicine Ball to your BOSU Workouts to Get Back In Shape

Weighted Balls



Add Resistance Bands to your BOSU Workouts to Get Back In Shape

Resistance Bands


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BOSU PRO Version 

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Stretching to Get Back In Shape on a BOSU Ball

The half dome of the Bosu also makes it a good exercise tool for stretching out the flexor side of your body: pecs, abs and hip flexors just by lying backwards over the domed side and relaxing.  This can also be a position to relieve back pain, depending on your symptoms. 

Check with your healthcare practitioner before attempting to use a BOSU ball to make sure that it is appropriate for you. 

You can use the BOSU to work your abs, core muscles, balance, flexibility, strength power, cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as improving your mental focus.  So get a BOSU and get on the ball.

  Home Version                   Pro Version

Purchase a BOSU Balance Trainer Home Version and Get Back in Shape with Balance Training        Buy a BOSU Ball Pro Version

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Don't confuse the BOSU "half dome" with the BOSU Ballast Ball Pro made by the same company. The BOSU Ballast Ball Pro is a full ball that has ballast or weight built into the ball.  The advantage over a regular exercise ball is that the ballast helps it stay in place better.  The Ballast Ball Pro is more expensive than a regular exercise or stability ball, but is well made.  BOSU Ballast Balls can be seen in the background on the videos above.

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