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Back Pain

Self treatment For Lower Back Pain            

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Back Pain

Lumbar Spine

Lower Back Pain is often an underlying cause of getting out of shape.  To get back in shape, learn ways to manage your back pain by yourself.  Ongoing exercise is one of the best was to reduce back pain and prevent recurrence.

First, consult with your healthcare provider to discover the best exercises and self treatment techniques for your condition.  Knowing how to care for your own back  will give you the best results.  New Article from Spine about early Physical Therapy Intervention Early treatment is more effective.

Learn to interrupt the pain cycle and get back in shape with
Exercise, Breathing, Relaxation, Self-Massage, Posture and Movement.

Moderate Exercise:

As anyone with back pain knows, a consistent, daily exercise program can relieve back pain symptoms and prevent them from recurring.  A good exercise routine for your back should include strengthening and endurance conditioning of your core muscles, as well as flexibility of the back, hips and legs. 

Mimi Solaire, has put together an excellent exercise routine for a healthy back.

 Back In Shape

Back in Shape by Mimi Solaire is a great DVD for lower back pain. It includes gentle flexibility and strengthening exercises in two 15' sessions.

These exercises are often taught by yoga instructors and physical therapists for people with back pain.

You should not experience pain with any exercise routine for back pain.  Consult
with your healthcare provider to make sure these exercises are appropriate for your condition.

Self Treatment for Lower Back Pain   

Spinal Decompression

Cardio-Vascular Exercise:

Getting a good cardio-vascular workout can be difficult when you back pain.  See our Aquatic Exercise, ElliptiGO, and Nordic Walking sections for suggestions.


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