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Diabetes presents specific concerns when trying to get back in shape.  Diet and Exercise are essential to manage your diabetes, or to help prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes in the first place.

If you have diabetes please work closely with your doctor and healthcare practitioners, to set up your plan to get back in shape.

The good news is that a well planned, and consistently executed exercise program can give you ample rewards:

  •  Improve your body's use of insulin or blood sugar control 
  •  Lower the need for medications  
  •  Lower your blood glucose level 
  •  Reduce complications of diabetes 
  •  Improve your circulation 
  •  Burn more fat 
  •  Prevent heart disease 

What are the Specific Concerns I need to know about Exercising with Diabetes?

Exercise is an integral part of managing your diabetes.  To reap the benefits and avoid any pitfalls, learn to exercise within your abilities and pay special attention to the following concerns:

Monitor Blood Sugar - Learn how to monitor your blood glucose (sugar) levels and its response to exercise.  Make sure you fully understand, from your doctor, when to test and how often to test your blood glucose levels.

Learn what the numbers mean as to whether or not to begin, or stop an exercise session. Learn your body's response to exercise.  See the Mayo Clinic article below about When To Monitor Your Blood Sugar and what different levels mean in relationship to exercise.

Skin Care - Another diabetic concern is your skin care with exercise.  Shoes and socks that fit well can help to prevent blisters, which can stop your walking program in its tracks.  Be especially careful with your feet and the fit of your shoes if you have reduced sensation.

If you are participating in an Aquatic Fitness Program, make sure that you dry your skin well to avoid moisture remaining in the folds of the skin.

Below are some helpful articles and publications to help you get started.

Diabetes Articles In The News:

Exercise and Diabetes

Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes - New Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Recommendations

Exercise and Glycemic Control - Structured Exercise - aerobic, resistance or both

Mayo Clinic -  Diabetes and Exercise, When to Monitor Your Blood Sugar

Medscape -    Obesity Alone May Be the Best Predictor of Undiagnosed Diabetes

PRNewswire -  Research: People With Type 2 Diabetes Improved Muscular Strength and Exercise Capacity Through Physical Therapist Exercise Counseling Combined With Fitness Center Exercise Training

Medscape - Weight Loss Should Improve Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Obese Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Breaks in Sedentary Time:  This study, reported in Diabete's Care, Diabetes Care April 2008 vol. 31 no. 4 661-666,  showed that increased breaks in sedentary time is beneficial to waist circumference,  triglycerides and plasma glucose. 

Inflammation and Diabetes

Associated Press:  Hot tip: Target inflammation to ease obesity ills

NIH Funded Study Tests Anti-Inflammatory Drug for Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes
For more information about the study, see or contact Allison B. Goldfine, M.D., at   617-732-2643  or  617-732-2643 or 

Healthier Foods Lowering Diabetes Risk

Medscape - Substituting Whole Grains for White Rice May Lower Risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Laurie Barclay, MD


National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Institute of Diabetic and Digestive and Kidney Disease,  (NIDDK) - Choosing a Safe and Successful Weight-loss Program

Small Steps, Big Rewards, Your Game Plan to Prevent Type II Diabetes Booklet

National Institute on Aging - Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from The National Institute on Aging

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