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Find a Physical Therapist

Sometimes an injury or painful condition can cause us to get out of shape.  Finding the right healthcare practitioner, therapist or exercise instructor can be a key to your success in getting back in shape.  But how do your find the right person to help you get back in shape?

Here are some ideas of how a physical therapist can help you:


Find a P.T.


  Physical Therapists: 

  • Evaluate your condition 
  • Make an assessment 
  • Treat you using a variety of techniques: 
    • Manual techniques (manual therapy such as massage, joint & soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, PRRT, CST) 
    • Therapeutic Exercise (gently when your injury is acute, progressing as you improve) 
    • Supports (such as taping or bracing) 
    • Modalities (such as traction, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, biofeedback) 
  • Instruct you to help you understand your body.

    Physical Therapists treat the actual injuried site or condition as well as the underlying causes such as dysfunction of posture and movement at distant sites to assure your problem is fully addressed to prevent future problems. 

Health Insurance:  

Generally, therapy is a covered benefit, at least in some fashion, by your health insurance.


A physical therapist is licensed by each state. In some states you must have a diagnosis from your physician to see a physical therapist. In other states you may go directly to your therapist.

Because of a physical therapist's regulated university level education and state licensure, you are assured a level of competency when you see a physical therapist. Therapists can have different specialties. For the best care, look for a therapist with a specialty directed to your needs. And as with any practitioner, personal recommendations are helpful as long as they are for similar condtions.

Find a physical therapist by zip code and expertise.

Physical Therapy specialties that may help you with your program to get back in shape include: Aquatics, Cardiovascular, Geriatric, Neurologic, Orthopedic, Sports, Women's Health. Some specialty areas have board certification.

Aquatics: Especially suited to you if you have joint mobility problems that can benefit from the buoyancy and low impact of water exercise. Aquatic therapy is often an early step in rehabilitation after an injury.

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary:  (CCS)   If you want to get back in shape but have a heart or lung condition, you may want to consult a therapist specialized in this area with board certification, if available in your area.

Geriatrics: (GCS) If you are an older adult who wants to get back in shape, but is concerned about problems related to aging such as osteoporosis (weakening of the bones), balance problems, arthritis or functional abilities, a physical therapist who specializes in geriatrics would be aware of your specific needs.

Orthopedic: (OCS) If you have muscle or joint problems that make it difficult or painful for you to exercise, an orthopedic physical therapist would be especially helpful to you if you have back or neck pain, shoulder, knee or injuries, foot problems, osteoporosis, or arthritis with which to contend. An Orthopedic physical therapist should provide manual therapy (meaning specialized hands-on-therapy).

Joint Mobilization is a very exact manual therapy technique directed at the surfaces of a joint, with a specified grade of pressure which requires considerable palpation training and skill. If you have a joint problem, look for a physical therapist with manual therapy skills who specializes in orthopedics and treatment of the joints and/or spine.

Sports Physical Therapist: (SCS) A sports physical therapist is especially geared to help you prepare for participation in sports and to prevent injuries. For example, overuse injuries that you may see from repetitive movements in sports such as running, swimming or throwing can be prevented by addressing your form and muscle imbalances.

Find a physical therapist listed with the A.P.T.A, the American Physical Therapy Association.  For muscle and joint problems choose "musculoskeletal"

Continue reading to learn about Specialized Therapy Techniques >

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