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Heart Rate Monitor  


Monitor Cardio Workouts:  Exercise Target Heart Rate Interval Training

 Why Use a Heart Rate Monitor? 

  • Optimize Your Workouts and Your Results - Know your Exercise Target Heart Rate to maximize your workouts to get back in shape more efficiently. 


  • Safety - Knowing your Exercise Target Heart Rate and your Max Heart Rate is important for your safety and heart's health during cardiovascular workouts.  Do not exceed you max heart rate.  Exercise safely - Know the Warning Signs.


 Which Heart Rate Monitor is Right For Me?

  •  Basic

A basic heart rate monitor includes a chest strap to monitor your heart beats and a wrist watch to record your results.  The Timex T5G941 or the Timex T5G971 are good basic models that are easy to use with an easy to read display.  We chose Timex brand monitors because you can simply change the battery yourself, unlike other HR monitors.



  • Moderate

When you are ready to move up to interval training, the Timex Ironman Men's Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch gives you 5 interval timers with heart rate target zones to help you get the most from your workouts.




  • More Advanced - Sync to your Computer - If you are more tech savy or an elite athlete and want to train smarter, The Timex Ironman Race Trainer Pro, allows you to sync with your computer to track your performance. 




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