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 Resting Heart Rate









 Waist Meas:

 F < 32.5 -37"

 M < 35 - 40"


 Hip Meas:        

 Waist to Height

WHtR or WTR Ratio:

 F <.53

 M <.55


 Waist to Hip Ratio:


 F < 0.80 - 0.85

 M < 0.90 - 1.0


Optional: You can include your thigh measurements at the top of your thigh around the widest part, and your chest measurement, just under your nipple line.  Or track your Body Fat % by formula.

 Skin Caliper         

* mm meas:

 Body Fat %

 Goal: Date: Date:  Date:

 L thigh/ R thigh




* measured at the suprailiac point, 1" above the point of the right hip bone (ASIS).