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 Resistance Bands and Suspension Straps

         Suspension Straps


Resistance Training helps to burn more calories and fat as you improve muscle strength.  Resistance bands and straps, like the TRX Suspension Straps, allow you to add strength with functional, whole body movements giving you effective workouts in less time.  Make them a part or your workouts at home or while traveling.

Resistance Bands:    Choose and Click on your Resistance Level

 Basic Multi - Level
 with Carry Pack
 Together = 50#
 of Resistance


 5 Bands, Ankle and Door Strap


 Green - Light  


Deluxe Models have nicer handles
and are easier on the hands. 


 Red - Moderate


Red - Moderate Resistance


  Blue - Heavy


Blue - Heavy Resistance


 Purple - Very Heavy 


Purple - Very Heavy   


 Aylio Handles


5 resistance Band Set  

 Yellow  2 - 5#  Red  8 - 12#
 Green  5 - 8#  Blue 12 -16#
 Black16 -20#

Traveling?  Take your resistance bands or suspension straps along with you.  Don't let your strength training program fall behind just because you are on the road.  Resistance Bands and Suspension Straps are light weight and easy to pack.

 Suspension Straps

 Enhance Your Body Weight Resistance Training with Suspension Straps. 


If you are unable to support your body weight suspension straps can act as an assist.  For example, if you have difficulty maintaining the proper form when performing a squat, you can support enough of your weight by holding onto the straps to achieve the desired form.  Or use the straps to increase the difficulty of your body weight exercises.  Below are a variety of ways to use either the TRX, Jungle Gym, GoFit  or  Elite Rings.


TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack   


with door attachment





Lifeline USA Jungle Gym



GoFit Gravity Bar Body Weight Training System With Exercise Dvd & Portable Flipbook



   Elite Rings EXF Pro with Training DVD and Carrying Bag


Elite Rings EXF Pro with Training DVD
and Carrying Bag



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