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When you are ready to get back in shape, find the resources you need to make sure you succeed.

One resource you'll need is a gym or workout area, whether it is at home, close to home or close to work. 

If you have any kind of pain or limitation in mobility, find a practitioner who is familiar with your condition.

Courses are a good way to check out a new type of exercise regime.  See the sections below that are appropriate for you.

Find a Gym - The Right Gym for You

When you are ready to get back in shape you need to find a gym that is right for you.  The gym that is right for you is one that you will use regularly.

Choosing to creat a home gym may give you more freedom to schedule your workouts.  Choosing to join a gym gives you greater choice in equipment and professional instruction. 

Before you decide what type of gym or exercise facility is right for you, do your research so that you can choose the right gym for your success in getting back in shape.  >> Find A Gym

Find a Practitioner

Finding the right practitioner can make a world of difference in helping you get back in shape.  If you have a painful condition, you may need some "hands on" treatment before you can start on an exercise program.  Or you may need a good exercise instructor.  Whether you are looking for a Physical Therapist, a Yoga or Pilates instructor or a Personal Trainer, here are some links to help you get started. 

 Find a Physical Therapist
 Find a Pilates Instructor
 Find a Trainer  Find a Yoga Instructor

Find a Certified Kinesio Taping® Practitioners (CKTPs)

Find a Course

When learning exercises with many layers of expertise such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, look for expert instruction.  When we find exceptional classes or courses, we list them here >> Courses. 

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