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Using an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair - Video

            Exercise with an Exercise Ball

Sitting for hours at your desk, in front of your computer or watching television, causes you to become sedentary, (not to mention what it does to your back, abs and glute muscles).  To avoid this, try changing your static sitting to Dynamic Sitting with an exercise ball for short periods. 

And to help Relieve Back Pain caused by Prolonged Sitting try using an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair.*  This will improve your posture, increase movement of your spine, increase core muscle activity and relieve muscle tension that can lead to pain.  

Consider using an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair to:

  • Relieve back pain from prolonged static sitting 
  • Improve your Posture 
  • Increase Core Muscle Control 
  • Increase your Activity 
  • Reduce your risk for disease * 

Avoid using an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair if you have balance problems or dizziness that may cause you to fall off of an exercise ball.  If you have osteoporosis, ask your doctor before using an exercise ball as a desk chair. 

Using An Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair

When using an Exercise Ball as a Desk Chair make certain to:

  • Use the correct sized ball  
  • Use an Anti-burst ball for safety  
  • Begin with just 10" at a time and assess how your back responds     

Choose an exercise ball by your height:

  •  Click on The The Size You Need to see Exercise Balls on Amazon. 

 6' 2" to 6' 8"    75 cm (30") - For height 6' 2" - 6' 8"  
 5' 7" to 6' 1"   65 cm (26") - For height 5' 7" - 6' 1"
 5' 1" to 5' 6"   55 cm (22") - For height 5' 1" - 5' 6" 
 4' 7" to 5'   45 cm (18") - For height 4' 7" - 5' 

When the right size ball is properly inflated, you should be able to sit on the ball with your knees and hips bent to 90 degrees.

Click here for more information or to purchase an exercise ball.

Other Sitting Options:

A Balance Ball Chair

If you are not certain that you are ready to use an exercise ball as a desk chair by itself, consider using a balance ball chair.  While you lose some of the full benefits of sitting on a ball, it is a good intermediary step.  To read what others have to say about the benefits of using a ball chair click here >>>>>>>>>
and type balance ball in the search, click and check reviews., Inc - Great Products to Help You Get Back In Shape  

The Back Vitalizer

The Back Vitalizer can be used as a back support cushion, but also as a sitting cushion, giving you benefits similar to sitting on an exercise ball.

The Back Vitalizer
can be
 used as a Back Support Cushion as well as a
Sitting Cushion.

The Back Vitalizer is a primarily a back support cushion.  However, it can also function similar to an exercise ball when you sit on it, instead of using it behind your back.

When you sit on the back vitalizer, you activate the deep muscles of the spine for core stability.

As with an exercise ball, begin with just 10 minutes at a time.  Alternating between using the back vitalizer as a back support cushion and as a sitting cushion, gives your back relief by changing positions frequently.

For a less expensive option, try sitting on an exercise disc or a balance cushion to feel what it is like to sit on an unstable surface.  The disc or the back vitalizer may be more acceptable than an exercise ball in an office environment. 

Why we chose the Thera-Band Anit-Burst Exercise Balls with the Slow Deflate System -

"The Thera-Band SDS (Slow Deflate System) Exercise Ball is made from a specially formulated compound that enables the ball to resist the tendency to burst when punctured. Included exercise guide illustrates correct positions for 24 exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve coordination and strengthen the abdomen, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs and buttocks. Uses for the Thera-Band Ball include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, yoga, pilates, resistance and stability." And it is used safely in therapy clinics across the country.

How To Get Back In Shape with an Exercise Ball

As with any exercise, consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner before you start a new exercise program. Precaution: You should not use an exercise ball if you have balance problems, dizziness, or if you have fragile bones such as with osteoporosis and could sustain an injury if you fell off of the ball. Consult your healthcare practitioner or physical therapist to see if an exercise ball is right for you.

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Too Much Sitting: a novel and important predictor of chronic disease risk?
Br J Sports Med 2009;43:81-83 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2008.0552 69

Breaks in Sedentary Time:  This study, reported in Diabete's Care, Diabetes Care April 2008 vol. 31 no. 4 661-666,  showed that increased breaks in sedentary time is beneficial to waist circumference,  and biological markers of metabolic risk


*Caution:  Some types of back pain are not well suited to using an exercise ball as a desk chair.  Consult with your healthcare practitioner to see if it sitting on an exercise ball is right for you.

Additionally, there are few studies on using an exercise ball as a desk chair:

1.  Sitting on an office chair versus sitting on an exercise ball - This study concludes that the advantages of increased trunk motion and muscle activity, may be offset by the disadvantage of increased spinal shrinkage.

2.  Sitting on a chair or an exercise ball: various perspectives to guide decision making - Concludes in their study that sitting on an exercise ball for 30 minutes "does not significantly affect the magnitudes of muscle activation, spine posture, spine loads or overall spine stability".  However, they do conclude that it increases discomfort.

So if you are going to try out an exercise ball as a desk chair, begin with 10 minutes or less to see how your back responds and use the ball intermittently.  Or try other sitting options such as a well designed ergonomic chair, a back vitalizer or a balance ball chair. 

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