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Waist to Height Ratio - WHtR or

Waist to Tallness Ratio - WTR


Your Waist to Height ratio, also known as Waist to Tallness ratio is a strong predictor of heart health.

Ideally, you want your waist measurement to be half of your height or less.

If you are 60" tall (or 5'), your waist should measure 30" or less to have an ideal WHtR, where your waist measurement  is half of your height.

To Calculate your Waist to Height Ratio, WHtR:   Waist/Height = WHtR 

 Waist Measurement

 Divide your Waist measurement by your

 Height = Waist to Height Ratio, WHtR.

 Ideal Waist to Height Ratios:

 Men should have a WHtR of 0.55 or less

 ♦ Women should have a WHtR of 0.53 or less


To calculate an example of WHtR:

If your waist measures 35" and you are 5'6'' tall:

First convert your height into inches:
Multiply 5 feet x 12 inches = 60",  add the 6" = 66".

Then to calculate your WHtR, divide your 35" waist by your 66" height = 0.53 which is acceptable for men or borderline for women. Ideally, you would want to decrease your waist to 33" or less, making it half of your 66" height.

To Calculate your Ideal Waistline, divide your Height by 2 and go from there. 


For more information on Waist Measurement Ratios  = See Waist to Hip Ratio.

For Weight Measurements: Weight to Height Ratio = See BMI or Body Mass Index.

To measure body fat, an Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester
caliper can be a useful and accurate tool.


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