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Warning Signs of Heart Attack and/or Stroke

Know the warning signs of a medical emergency before you embark on an exercise program. Knowing your warning signs can help you avoid delays in treatment should you need it. The sooner you get treatment when in danger, the higher the survival level.

If any of the following signs or symptoms begin before, during or following exercise treat it as if you have a medical emergency. Call 911 immediately. Learn these signs now to avoid problems in the future:

  • Pain or Pressure: in the chest, back, arm(s), neck, throat, or jaw
  • Shortness of Breath, Nausea, Clamminess, Fear 
  • Sudden: Weakness or Numbness, Trouble Speaking or Seeing, Headache or Dizziness, Confusion, Trouble Walking

If someone near you has signs or symptoms of stroke, but denies a problem, ask them to:

S - Smile, then stick out their tongue - look for asymmetry, i.e. whether it is crooked or not
T - Talk,  ask the person to say a a simple sentence.  Listen for clarity of sound and thought.
R - Raise both Arms,  Look for symmetry of motion

If they have problems with any of the above, call the emergency number immediately.

Don't wait until you are having symptoms to read the following sites. Read them now and learn the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. If you or someone near you feels any of these symptoms, recognize them as a medical emergency, call 911 fast, (seconds count) note the time, give your location and symptoms. Fast action saves lives. Maybe your own...

Heart Attack - Signs and symptoms from the:

DOH, National Institutes of Health, the National Heart Lung Blood Institute - includes special signs and symptoms for women

Heart and Stroke Foundation - see what to do after calling 911.


Stroke - Signs and Symptoms from the:

Heart and Stroke Foundation - download your own emergency wallet card

Even if you are not sure that you are having a heart attack or stroke, it is better to be safe than sorry. Only a qualified medical professional can diagnose your symptoms. So if you have any of the above symptoms, Call 911 immediately. Treat it as an emergency because every minute counts. Learn this NOW because treatment saves lives if given immediately.


 Monitor your heart rate while you exercise to keep it in your prescribed target zone.

 Consider wearing a heart rate monitor when you exercise. 

 Wear a Medical Id Alert if you have a health concern. 




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